We take pride in baking Faller’s Pretzels
by using the highest-quality, natural
ingredients, including flour, sour dough,
malt, and special ingredients that make
“Reading’s Best Pretzel Sticks”
unique and delicious, we make ‘em
right here in the USA!

We don’t rush our pretzels. It takes time to get it right. By combining all the ingredients and carefully mixing the dough for exactly the right amount of time, we achieve the perfect structure that makes them crunchy and delicious.

After mixing, the pretzel dough is extruded and travels on the proofing belt to the cooker. While on the proofing belt, the sour dough helps the mixer to rise and “proof,” giving them their pretzel shape.

Taste is important. Who wants to eat a boring pretzel? To assure our pretzels are delicious, we take many steps to make ‘em tasty! After the proofing belt, they travel into the cooker, which is filled with a water and soda solution just below boiling temperature. The solution causes the gluten in the flour to caramelize, giving the pretzels their sweet flavor and their brown color. The remaining soda in the water, is what gives them their tangy taste.

We never add salt to the pretzel dough recipe, but as the sticky, wet pretzels come out of the cooker, they are salted so that the salt adheres to the pretzel surface. Of course, if you order unsalted pretzels, we skip this step or add more salt for our Extra Salty pretzels.

After baking, the long pretzel sticks are cut to pretzel length and collected in baskets. At this point, they are “half-baked,” meaning they still have some moisture in them and need to be put into the kiln to finish.

Some TLC is taken as the baskets of not-quite-done pretzels are hoisted into the slow-drying kiln where they will stay overnight, turning them into the crispy, crunchy and delicious pretzels sticks we all know and love to eat!

The next morning they are carefully, hand packed into bags or boxes and placed in the warehouse. Soon distributors will deliver these delicious and crunchy snacks to waiting customers around the country.

We package about 2,000 lbs. of pretzels per day. It’s a tough job, but we love it...and our customers tell us they do too!