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Testimonials from our dear customers

"We love these pretzels and since we didn't make it home to Pennsylvania this year, we were glad to find them in Shipshewana, Indiana this summer." - Ann B

"Your pretzels are so delicious! We just can't get pretzels like this in Connecticut.  My husband is from Reading, PA.  Whenever we visit my father-in-law we always buy your pretzels.  Thank you!"  - Liz and Warren H

"Kole and I had a great time visiting the pretzel factory! Thank you so much for taking the time for us.  Faller's factory smells just the way I remember it.  Some of my earliest memories are warm prezels and my Pop-Pop telling me he would bop me on the nose!  Thank you for continuing to make the very best pretzels ever!" - Becki & Kole S

"Your pretzels are so good! Thanks and Aloha!" - Barbara B

"I am a shut in who depends on others to do my grocery shopping... if they come across anything they think I might like, they bring it to me.  Well on two different occasions, they brought me your No Salt Pretzel Sticks and on another your No Salt Whole Wheat Sticks.  I sure am glad they did because I enjoy both so much that my pantry shelves will never again be without either one of them.  Thank you so much for the wonderful pretzels."  - Catherine T

"Thank you for the pretzels! They're great!" - Mike

"Thanx! My goodies just arrived.  You are soooooo nice to me!" - Paul L

"Thank you Faller's Pretzels for your support and many tasty memorable moments at our Upper Perk Service Unit Campout." - Girl Scouts, upper Perk Girl Scout Service Unit African Safari Survival Camp